SOLD.This piece of art was inspired by the space and remoteness of the farms in the Penwith area of Cornwall. It is an oil painting on canvas which has then been worked on with oil pastel and charcoal.

Cornish farm.          Mixed media.

100 x30 cm                             £175

Tawney Owl. Watercolour- 28x20cm   £ 50  SOLD  Others similar owl paintings available.

I have recently produced a set of watercolour owl paintings. They have a limited palette and the focus is very much on the head and its' features, the rest of the owl is then done in a more fluid style. I have several others that are also for sale or they can be produced on request.

Dartmoor Tor.  Acrylic painting.    20 x 16cm       £40

This small acrylic painting was inspired by a dog walk over the moors in the early Autumn. I took a group of photos on my phone and made the painting back in my studio. I love the colours in this painting.

Super hero- Wolverine   60 cm x 60 cm

Acrylic painting.           £ 75   SOLD 


Others can be commissions at similar prices.